Zuccoli Affordable Housing Initiative launches young couple on first home dream

Owning your own home is achievable if you are willing to be focused on your goal according to recent young home buyers through the Zuccoli Affordable Housing Initiative.

At just 21 and 24 respectively, Nicole and Ben Marsh are excited to think that their goal to become first homeowners is now within their grasp.

“It’s not that hard,” suggests Ben. “You just need to knuckle down, look at where you spend your money and where you can save.”

Having been married for just two years and saving for a year, Ben and Nicole have been looking to purchase for several months and are pleased with the features Zuccoli has to offer.

“These are good sized blocks, we plan to be here for a while and there is certainly room for a family.” “We especially like the parks,” adds Nicole. “Once the Zuccoli Plaza is built we will easily be able to walk to the shops, the area is well connected and we are keen to move in as soon as possible.”

Having qualified for the Zuccoli Affordable Housing Initiative, Nicole and Ben will receive the benefit of purchasing land below market value. Urbex General Manager Wayne Rex says the Affordable Housing Initiative delivers affordable housing without compromising on a quality lifestyle.

“We are committed to providing a range of affordable home ownership opportunities for Territorians,” he said. “This is clearly demonstrated through this Initiative and the Zuccoli Display Village which showcases a range of home styles and builders who can develop a home to suit your needs and budget.”

“Urbex established 33 lots in Zuccoli Stage 1 under this scheme and I am pleased to see that 80% have already been sold. There are many first home buyers who can realise their dreams and look forward to moving into this master planned community.”

To qualify for the Zuccoli Affordable Housing Initiative the buyer is required to comply with one of the following criteria:

  • Be a first home buyer, and or
  • Have a single income of no more than $97,500.00, or
  • Have a combined income of no more than $160,000.00

For more information on lots available through the Zuccoli Affordable Housing Initiative contact the land sales team on 1300 662 746.

Media enquiries: Jeannette Button on 0407 727 080, jb@prbutton.com.au

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