Urbex Property Insights – August 2013

When property goes on sale in the Darwin region it moves quickly. So how do you prepare, avoid the frenzy and ensure you get the block that’s right for you? We chat to local property developer and Urbex General Manager Wayne Rex.

What should people consider when looking for land?

It’s important to not only look at your needs now, but what will serve you in the years to come. Building your own home is likely to be your biggest investment and you want to ensure it’s suitable for years to come. Do you have a growing family and need room to move, space to tinker with your quad bike and boat or does the sound of mowing the lawn make your toes curl? At Urbex, we design communities with all of this in mind and have a range of land sizes to suit your budget, lifestyle and needs for under $300,000.

What should I ask a developer/builder?

It pays to work closely with your developer and research the community well before you’re ready to buy. Assess the contour lines, falls and pitch running through the area and understand how these factors, as well as the orientation and layout of available blocks, can affect the style of homes that you can build on the site. If you have the design of your dream home in mind, work closely with the developer to find a block to suit and
if you’ve already chosen where you want to live, then use Urbex Home Select to help you find the perfect home.

Will there be more land releases before Christmas?

Urbex have lots under $300,000 available for purchase now, with limited releases planned for the coming months. People looking to buy are encouraged to seek pre-approved finance and start their research now, as demand and competition is likely to increase on the back of multi-million dollar resources projects.

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