Zuccoli Affordable Housing Initiative launches young couple on first home dream

Owning your own home is achievable if you are willing to be focused on your goal according to recent young home buyers through the Zuccoli Affordable Housing Initiative.

At just 21 and 24 respectively, Nicole and Ben Marsh are excited to think that their goal to become first homeowners is now within their grasp.

“It’s not that hard,” suggests Ben. “You just need to knuckle down, look at where you spend your money and where you can save.”

Having been married for just two years and saving for a year, Ben and Nicole have been looking to purchase for several months and are pleased with the features Zuccoli has to offer.

“These are good sized blocks, we plan to be here for a while and there is certainly room for a family.” “We especially like the parks,” adds Nicole. “Once the Zuccoli Plaza is built we will easily be able to walk to the shops, the area is well connected and we are keen to move in as soon as possible.”

Having qualified for the Zuccoli Affordable Housing Initiative, Nicole and Ben will receive the benefit of purchasing land below market value. Urbex General Manager Wayne Rex says the Affordable Housing Initiative delivers affordable housing without compromising on a quality lifestyle.

“We are committed to providing a range of affordable home ownership opportunities for Territorians,” he said. “This is clearly demonstrated through this Initiative and the Zuccoli Display Village which showcases a range of home styles and builders who can develop a home to suit your needs and budget.”

“Urbex established 33 lots in Zuccoli Stage 1 under this scheme and I am pleased to see that 80% have already been sold. There are many first home buyers who can realise their dreams and look forward to moving into this master planned community.”

To qualify for the Zuccoli Affordable Housing Initiative the buyer is required to comply with one of the following criteria:

  • Be a first home buyer, and or
  • Have a single income of no more than $97,500.00, or
  • Have a combined income of no more than $160,000.00

For more information on lots available through the Zuccoli Affordable Housing Initiative contact the land sales team on 1300 662 746.

Media enquiries: Jeannette Button on 0407 727 080, jb@prbutton.com.au

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Zuccoli Display Village opens its doors to new home owners

The Chief Minister, The Hon. Adam Giles MLA will officially open the Zuccoli Sales and Information Centre and Display Village today marking another milestone in providing affordable housing to Territorians.
With scenic streets and green open spaces, the Zuccoli Display Village is testament to Urbex’s vision of the first stage of the master planned community designed in partnership with the Northern Territory Government’s Land Development Corporation to provide a quality residential lifestyle.
The Chief Minister said that he was pleased to see the suburb progressing.
“Just last month we proudly opened the William Kirby-Jones Memorial Park, which features retained bush land and a wonderful all ages playground catering for disability access.
“With the completion of these display homes, we can see the true potential of the suburb which will provide a diverse range of housing options, public amenities, schools, commercial centres, park land and conservation areas only 25 minutes from the centre of Darwin,” he said.
Land directly opposite the Display Village marks the location of the future community shopping village, Zuccoli Plaza.
Rod Morris, Managing Director of the owner-developers The RR Morriss Group, who also own the Oasis Shopping Village in Palmerston, says he is equally pleased to be moving ahead with plans for the commercial centre.
“Zuccoli Plaza is perfectly positioned to connect with the Park, a plaza area will provide well designed spaces for residents and visitors to sit and enjoy the environment while our selection of tenants will provide for daily necessities,” he said.
“At this stage we can announce that the centre will include a supermarket, gym, medical centre, chemist and coffee shop, we certainly have the village feel in mind.”
Upon completion, Zuccoli Stage 1 will contain over 900 homes for more than 2,700 Territorians.

Builders of the Display Village homes include:
• Nimm Homes
• Abode
• Kassiou Constructions
• Tropical Lifestyle Homes
• Hotondo Homes
• Killarney Homes
• Bendella Group
The Zuccoli Display Village will be open to the public from this Friday, 25 September.

Media enquiries: Jeannette Button on 0407 727 080, jb@prbutton.com.au

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Zuccoli park named in honour of housing pioneer

The Chief Minister, The Hon. Adam Giles MLA will today officially open The William Kirkby-Jones AM Memorial Park in the Palmerston suburb of Zuccoli.

The Chief Minister said that Mr Kirkby-Jones was recognised as one of the great leaders of the housing industry, not only here in the Northern Territory, but also right across the country.

“William chaired the Northern Territory Land Development Corporation Advisory Board for over three years, from 2010 to 2013. Throughout this time, under his guidance, the new Palmerston suburb of Zuccoli became a reality.

“Through every project, no matter how big or small, William provided a steady hand and a sheer drive and commitment to achieve the best outcomes for the Corporation and for Territorians,” the Chief Minister said.

Urbex General Manager Wayne Rex said it is an honour to be able to pay tribute to a pioneer of the land development and housing industry in the Northern Territory and welcomed Mr Kirkby-Jones’s wife, Maggie Kirkby-Jones and daughter, Karen Sokolovic to the opening ceremony.

“William was a true visionary and a champion for sustainable development, his skills, knowledge and leadership played a pivotal role in the housing industry across Australia and I am honoured to have worked with him in establishing the suburb of Zuccoli,” Mr Rex said.

Urbex commenced the development of stage one of the master planned suburb of Zuccoli in partnership with the Northern Territory Government’s Land Development Corporation in 2012. Stage 1 of Zuccoli has a major focus on delivering amenity to residents which is reinforced by its continued delivery of parks and conservation including walking trails and play equipment. Upon completion, the suburb will contain over 2,300 homes for more than 6,000 Territorians. The William Kirkby-Jones Memorial Park is therefore a major asset to these future residents and raises the bar for public amenity and fun.

Designed in proud collaboration between Urbex, Clouston’s, Touched by the Olivia Foundation and the City of Palmerston, this park is the Territory’s first all-inclusive disability and able-bodied access park. This Park has been conveniently located opposite a future Commercial Precinct and has been cleverly positioned amongst retained bushland and boasts elevated views and breezes across the balance of Zuccoli.

Mr Kirkby-Jones sadly passed away on 29 May 2015. He leaves behind his wife Maggie, three children, three step children and three grandchildren.

Media are invited to attend the officially opening of the William Kirkby-Jones AM Memorial Park today, Thursday 13 August at 10am.

Access is via Follington Street off Crosby Street, Zuccoli.

Media enquiries: Natalie Bell on 0419 653 729,


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Urbex Property Insights – June

Earlier this month the Territory Government handed down its 2014–15 Budget. Several changes regarding home ownership were announced and it is important to understand how the changes may impact on your hopes of buying property in the Darwin region. We chat to local property developer and Urbex General Manager Wayne Rex to find out what was announced.

What changes has the Government made?

Broadly speaking the 2014–15 Budget outlined changes to fast-track land releases and development, and help people into the property market. The Government reaffirmed its commitment to help low to middle income earners purchase property, with more than four loan options including a Subsidised Interest Rate Loan, Low Deposit Loan, Off The Plan Deposit Loan and Fee Assistance Loan. Several changes to the First Home Owner Grant were also announced.

How do the changes affect First Home Buyers?

First home buyers were the big winners in this year’s budget. The First Home Owner Grant received a $1,000 boost, up from $25,000 to $26,000, and the $600,000 cap on eligible homes or house and land packages was scrapped. The changes, which were effective from 13 May 2014, give first home buyers greater choice when it comes to purchasing a home or building one tailored to their needs. From 1 January 2015, the grant will only be available on new homes or house and land packages. At Urbex, we have a variety of eligible packages at various price points, developed in partnership with local Territory builders, and a team of experienced professionals who can walk you through the process and help you find the land and home of your dreams.

What does this mean for the Darwin property market?

It’s widely believed that the First Home Owner Grant in its previous form inflated prices on established homes and restricted the purchasing power of first home buyers looking to get into the market. As a result, it’s expected that the changes will help stabilise prices across the region and spark a steady stream of construction and development in Palmerston East. All Territorians seeking home ownership will benefit through the increased supply of land within the territory, as greater competition will curb price escalation and furthermore reduce the upward pressure on an undersupplied housing market.

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Urbex Property Insights – May

Scratching up the funds for a deposit is arguably the biggest stumbling block to purchasing a home. But what if there’s more to it than that? We chat to local property developer and Urbex General Manager Wayne Rex and Tony Schelling of Mortgage Choice about what you need to know.

What do I need to consider?

The days of simply saving a deposit for a home loan and talking with your bank manager are long gone. Since the introduction of a new Comprehensive Credit Reporting system this year, lenders and financial institutions now have the ability to not only look at your credit history, but also how financially responsible you are. This includes access to payment history information such as late payments and overdue bills. To ensure you get the tick of approval to finance the home of your dreams, make sure you pay your bills on time.

What is a pre-approval and do I need it?

Obtaining a pre- approval from a lender is an essential step to understanding your borrowing capacity and ability to afford a home loan. Everyone should meet with their lender or bank to understand their financial limits before looking to purchase. It is also important to note however that finance pre-approval for a home loan isn’t always a financial guarantee. Many of the big four banks assess applications for pre-approval based on the information that you provide to them and a basic credit check without undertaking a more stringent financial assessment.

Do you have any tips?

Keep an open mind when you’re given financial advice. For example, if a lender suggests that you consider using a family member to guarantee and secure your loan or take advantage of the Northern Territory Government’s housing affordability scheme, weigh up the benefits before you make judgement. Is it really that bad that your Mum or Dad helped you purchase your first home if it saved you tens of thousands of dollars, or that you’re required to live in the home for a minimum of three years to qualify for the government incentives? Solid financial advice is key and can save you thousands in years to come, so listen with open ears and an open mind.

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Urbex Property Insights – April

When you’re looking to purchase property it’s easy to have your blinkers set on finance, the latest land release and sales agents. But it’s important conveyancers or solicitors are also on your radar. We chat to local property developer and Urbex General Manager Wayne Rex and John Tsoukalis of Tsoukalis Lawyers to find out why and what you need to consider.

When should I see a conveyancer or solicitor?

Before you sign a contract to purchase land or a home you need to nominate the conveyancer or solicitor that you’ll work with. Do your homework and get to know the local conveyancers in Darwin, their fees and services, and establish who you’ll work with prior to signing on the dotted line. If the property is for business or investment purposes it’s worthwhile getting legal and accounting advice as well.

How can I prepare for my appointment?

Head to your appointment fully armed with an understanding of your financial position and, if possible, a pre-approved loan from your bank. The sales agent for the property will have provided your conveyancer or solicitor with a signed copy of the contract. If you’re going to be on the property title, you should be present at the appointment to sign the relevant documents, ask questions and understand the process to settlement.

What do I need to be aware of?

Make sure your contract includes a ‘cooling off period’. Generally this is four working days from the date your contract was signed and gives both you and the seller the opportunity to reconsider and withdraw from the agreement without legal or financial implication. We recommend that you also obtain a copy of the survey and contour plans of your block and request the geotechnical report. This details the soil classification on your block and will inform the specifications required for your foundations.

Do you have any tips for working with conveyancers?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or the meaning of legal terms if you’re unsure. Purchasing land to build your dream can be daunting and overwhelming, and your conveyancer or solicitor is there to help guide you and keep the purchase moving forward and on schedule.

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Urbex Property Insights – March

You’ve found the block, picked a home design and are ready to build. But before you get caught up in the excitement of buying and building, have you thought about stormwater? As the Top End dries out from some of its wettest months on record, we catch up with Urbex General Manager Wayne Rex to discuss stormwater and what you need to consider before signing on the dotted line or pouring your first slab of concrete.

What do I need to think about before I buy?

Monsoonal downpours and heavy rainfall goes hand-in-hand with living in the tropics. While it provides a welcome relief to the steamy conditions, managing stormwater runoff can be a challenge. Before you buy, look at the contours, slope and natural stormwater pathways of the allotment with your builder. Ideally you don’t want your home design to disturb the natural water-flow and if it does, ensure you make considerations for the water to flow away from your home.

What design considerations do I need to make for stormwater?

If the water on your lot drains to the rear of the property make sure your roof water is connected to stormwater drainage or consider installing a rainwater tank. Look at the use of cut and fill slab design options to ensure water flows away from your home. And where possible explore the use of hard and soft landscaping to avoid soil erosion and maximize natural water flow.

How can stormwater affect earthworks?

Earthworks construction will disturb the soil. If you couple that with stormwater runoff you can have a recipe for a watery-slurry of sediment, plant nutrients, organic matter and waste. Before you start the construction of your home, talk to your builder about managing the sediment and soil erosion on your block of land. You may consider installing fences or bunds to catch sediment and runoff, minimise vehicle access and reduce the vegetation that needs to be cleared.

Both Johnston Ridge and Zuccoli require a Sediment and Erosion Control Plan before work can begin on your home. The plan can be a simple sketch of your block that indicates the measures and controls you’ve put in place.

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Urbex Property Insights – February

As 2014 swings into action, so too have forecasts and predictions about what we can expect across the national residential housing market. This month we check in with local property developer and Urbex General Manager Wayne Rex to see what’s install for Darwin.

What will we see in Darwin over the coming months?

We anticipate that new land releases will dominate the Darwin residential market throughout the early half of 2014 resulting in steady growth in sales. At Urbex for example,we have land releases planned within our Johnston Ridge and Zuccoli developments. We also envisage land prices will stabilise and interest rates will continue to remain at historic lows, all of which present favourable conditions for home buyers.

How should people prepare for a land release?

People should start with their finance and seek a pre-approval from their lender to purchase. As competition in the market increases those with pre-approved finance stand the best chance of securing land and the new home of their dreams.

What are buyers looking for?

Affordability continues to be one of the biggest factors for home buyers in Darwin. While some developers have reduced land sizes to increase affordability, Johnston Ridge has large lots to accommodate families and people looking for lots with room to move. Builders have also done considerable work in their designs to bring out new, affordable housing solutions.

How is Darwin performing nationally?

Darwin has one of the strongest performing residential property markets in Australia, buoyed by resource projects and job creation. Down south, large price growth fuelled by an undersupplied land market is forecast in both Sydney and Brisbane. Adelaide, Canberra and Hobart are in for a slow year while resource-rich regions including Narrabri in New South Wales, Cairns in Queensland and Ballarat in Victoria are also predicted to flourish.

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Urbex Property Insights – August 2013

When property goes on sale in the Darwin region it moves quickly. So how do you prepare, avoid the frenzy and ensure you get the block that’s right for you? We chat to local property developer and Urbex General Manager Wayne Rex.

What should people consider when looking for land?

It’s important to not only look at your needs now, but what will serve you in the years to come. Building your own home is likely to be your biggest investment and you want to ensure it’s suitable for years to come. Do you have a growing family and need room to move, space to tinker with your quad bike and boat or does the sound of mowing the lawn make your toes curl? At Urbex, we design communities with all of this in mind and have a range of land sizes to suit your budget, lifestyle and needs for under $300,000.

What should I ask a developer/builder?

It pays to work closely with your developer and research the community well before you’re ready to buy. Assess the contour lines, falls and pitch running through the area and understand how these factors, as well as the orientation and layout of available blocks, can affect the style of homes that you can build on the site. If you have the design of your dream home in mind, work closely with the developer to find a block to suit and
if you’ve already chosen where you want to live, then use Urbex Home Select to help you find the perfect home.

Will there be more land releases before Christmas?

Urbex have lots under $300,000 available for purchase now, with limited releases planned for the coming months. People looking to buy are encouraged to seek pre-approved finance and start their research now, as demand and competition is likely to increase on the back of multi-million dollar resources projects.

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Five families secure affordable futures

The lives of five Territory families changed last week after they secured an affordable house and land package at Zuccoli.
Five packages, priced from $475,550 to $542,000, went on sale for low to middle income earners who had progressed their application to approved purchaser status under the government’s Territory Government’s Real Housing for Growth Plan.
Sold on a first in, first served basis, Jenna Hingston said she was delighted to be one of the successful buyers. “It’s a dream come true. I couldn’t breathe and they (Urbex) were trying to ask me questions. I think I was in shock,” she said. Ms Hingston, who’s always wanted to own her own home, said she seriously looked at buying a property for more than a year. “I’m just really grateful. I missed out on the last housing release in February, which was disappointing. “To be the first caller through this time and know that a brand new home will be mine makes it all worth it.”
Urbex General Manager Wayne Rex said the sales followed the recent success of the housing release at Johnston Ridge. “Urbex is committed to providing a range of affordable home ownership opportunities for Territorians,” Mr Rex said. “Our team has worked hard with government and local builders to deliver a range of quality house and land packages at affordable price points.”
The house and land packages included home designs by the Bendella Group, NIMM Constructions and The Total Group.
To be eligible for the government’s Real Housing for Growth Plan home buyer initiative, buyers must meet eligibility criteria including income limits and have finance approval in-principle.
Zuccoli is a master planned community developed by Urbex in partnersip with the Northern Territory’s Land Development Corporation. When complete the suburb, located along Lambrick avenue just off Stuart Highway, will be the largest in Palmerston and will incorporate schools, sporting facilities, commercial/retail centres, community facilities and an extensive range of walking and bicycle tracks.
People wanting more information on life at the Village can visit www.zuccolivillage.com.au or call Janzey Pratt on 1300 556 950. Application kits and further information about the Territory Government’s Real Housing for Growth Plan can be found at www.housing.nt.gov.au.

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